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Joshua & Stephanie Lewis

Volunteer Missionary candidate since 2016 serving the Great River People of Southeast Asia.

Cover Your Eyes!

Noah Roberts February 01 2018, 12:15 pm | 1 Comment

We have had so many wonderful experiences already. We have attended baptisms and a school dedication at the Pnong Project. We have visited blossoming home groups of Muslim-background Great River people.

Vegetarian Missionaries

Noah Roberts November 01 2017, 2:52 pm | 0 Comments

Please pray for us, as Westerners used to so many healthy food choices that are readily available in our home country, that as we contextualize faith in the Son of God for salvation among the Great River People, we will faithfully teach God’s loving and perfect will and His principles for living God-fearing lives.

A Few More Weeks

Noah Roberts September 01 2017, 10:21 am | 0 Comments

We would like to dedicate the years of our future service in our new home to all the churches, families, and loved ones whose sacrifice and giving bind them to the Great River People every day. We will miss you all.