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Location: Europe


The Balkan people experienced genocide in the 1990s when thousands of them were killed.

Eylandan of Iceland

Although considered a Christian country, less than one percent of the population of Iceland is Adventist.


Georgians trace their ancestry to the great grandson of the biblical Japheth.


During Ottoman domination, the Greek Orthodox church preserved the Greek language and cultural identity.


Few Scots have ever even heard of Seventh-day Adventists, as SDAs make up only one in 10,000 of the population of over 5 million.


Croatia is the gateway to eastern Europe.

Hrvati Catholics

Failing to greet someone in a context that requires a greeting is a serious breach of etiquette.


The Irish have always been a passionate people who pride themselves in their history of local wars. The early religious practices came from the spiritualistic Druid religion, and the Irish ballads still reflect their lusty outlook on life.

Romanians of Ukraine

For more than 1,000 years, Romanian peoples have inhabited the southern region of modern-day Ukraine along with a number of other people groups.


Historically, many Albanians practiced a type of folk Islam that embraced occult and superstitious practices such as praying to the dead and seeking magic cures for sickness and curses.

Syrians of Turkey

Since March 2011 the crisis in Syria has forced many Syrians to abandon their homeland and seek shelter in other countries. Currently 1.5 million of these refugees reside in Turkey.

Turks of Turkey

Turkey is the land where the early church made much of its progress in the first and second centuries.