Wing Prints

Don & Janella Abbey July 01 2017, 2:42 pm

As I skirted the icy shore of Egypt Lake, each of my strides brought the tips of my skis up to just break the surface of the pristine powder snow. The crystal clarity of the sunny sky created an illusion of warmth even though it was -10°F. Although this pristine winter landscape seemed lifeless, I was suddenly arrested by the imprint of broad, feathery wings on the powdery surface of the snow—clear evidence of an owl. Where had it come from? What had it detected beneath the surface of the snow that was invisible and inaudible to me?

Many daily events in my world remain outside my notice due to the limitations of my senses and lack of perception. However, God’s Spirit sees, hears and understands all and is so much more aware of what’s going on under the surface than even the keen owl. At times, the Spirit makes me aware of specific needs of people around me and urges me to minister to them. This is not because of my perceptiveness or wisdom but because the Spirit impresses me. What a special privilege is mine to serve as the hands and feet and occasionally the voice of God’s love to those to whom I am sent.