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Samir & Leena Araujo

Volunteer Missionary Candidates from 2017-2018.

Pahari Give

Ali Brooks

Volunteer Missionary Candidate from 2017-2018.

Fulani of Central Africa Give

Nathan & Helen Castillo

Volunteer Missionary Candidates since 2016

Himadri Give

Sara Ferguson

Volunteer Missionary Candidate since 2017

Tai-Kadai Give

Bruce & Dorothy Hayward

Career Missionaries since 2016

Field Director Give

Gabriella Lincoln

Volunteer Missionary Candidate since 2016

Maghreb of North Africa Give

Angeline Nguyen

Volunteer Missionary Candidate since 2015

Sinim Give

Dylan & Claire O'Donnel

Volunteer Missionary Candidates from 2015-2016.

Irish Give

Bair & Bala Patel

Volunteer Missionary Candidates since 2017

Himadri Give

Pilgrim & Faith Singh

Career Missionaries since 2012.

Irish Give

Martin & Marna Smith

AFM-SAT volunteer missionary candidates since 2016

Georgians Give

Cristian & Otilia Stroia

Career Missionary since 2017

Georgians Give

Derek & Marley Vida

Volunteer Missionary Candidates from 2017-2018.

Great River People Give