Editorial: April 2018

Bill Fagal

April 1st, 2018 @ 9:05 am

Called by Christ Himself through a vision and a dream—what an amazing testimony! We are very pleased to welcome Abed Al-Masih to AFM, and we can hardly wait to see what God will accomplish through his Dream Project outreach to others like him whom Jesus has called by name. (See page 5).

Calling has been on my mind recently. Right now, AFM is wrapping up an orientation week during which new missionary candidates learn about our organization and receive official calls to serve with us. In our office worships this week, each of these candidates have shared the story of their calling—how God has guided them through years of pain and joy to this moment of commitment.

At this very moment, all over the world, Christ is calling people to a new walk with Him. To some of them, He is appearing in His glory, as He did to Saul on the Damascus road, and to Abed Al-Masih in his study room. To others, like our new missionary candidates, He is revealing Himself through His guiding hand that has ordered their lives and brought them into His end-time work, and through His still, small voice whispering, “Go!”

How is God calling you as you turn the pages of Adventist Frontiers?